• Ali Rezajoo
    UX Designer

Hey there! I'm Ali.

I'm a UX designer at Wells Fargo and freelance prodcut designer based in Charlotte.
For years, I contributed to design digital products in Finance, Tax, Event Management, Educational, News, and Business Directories.

Please get in touch for any collaboration opportunities!

Older Projects:

  • Appliances Club | Web | UX Consultant(2020)
    Appliances Club has great offers on major home appliances in-store and online up to 70% off the manufacturer's retail price.
  • Acharbaz | Web and Mobile | UX Design(2016)
    Acharbaz is an online service that matches customers with local professionals over 200 types of services.
  • GSM Group | Web | UI/UX Design(2015)
    The first and most popular persian mobile and technology information website.
  • Forsat Emrooz Newspaper| Web | UX Consultant(2015)
    Forsat-Emrooz is a Persian daily that publishes various fields of economic, investment, management, and the stock market.
  • Dunro | Web | UI/UX Design(2014)
    The biggest persian local business directory with user reviews and recommendations of services.
  • Chidaneh | Web | UI/UX Design(2014)
    Chidaneh is an online community about architecture, interior design and home improvement.
  • Bartarinha | Web and Mobile | UI/UX Design(2013)
    Bartarinha is the local news source for Iranian, providing breaking news, sports, business, and social events.
  • Niniban | Web | UI/UX Design(2012)
    A knowledge center of pregnancy, birth and looking after a baby.
  • Hamshahri Newspaper | Web | UX Consultant (2012)
    Hamshahri is a major national Iranian Persian-language newspaper.
  • Bisoton Studio | Visual Design (2010)
    Design agency specialising in graphic & web design, and marketing.