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From Delivery to Design Leadership: A brief look at 3 years of contributions at Truist

A 3D model of Charlotte with Truist Tower - Designed by Ali Rezajoo

Unlike typical UX case studies, this is a brief look at my high-level strategic projects as a leader and individual contributor in the last 3 years. I led a team of 3 senior designers, a principal experience designer and collaborted with 6 scrum teams. I partnered with a diverse design organization including content design, design systems, inclusive design. Together, we've tackled complex challenges, and I'm excited to share the highlights of my journey.


When I began this journey, our primary focus was on the merger of SunTrust and BB&T to form the new brand, Truist. Our challenge was to not only understand the complexities of both heritage applications but also to translate them seamlessly into the new environment.


The core responsibility of the team is around managing and optimizing the account opening processes across a diverse range of channels. This includes Retail and Wealth applications, extending across channels such as direct digital, contact center, and branch interactions, creating an omni-channel experience.

The high-level product activity timeline:

  • 2021

    Retail Credit Cards
    Retail Lending

  • 2022

    Retail Deposits
    Wealth Deposits
    Core Platform

  • 2023

    Deposits enhancements
    Contact Center
    Branch/Omni-Channel experience

Performance Overview

* These numbers are approximately.
  • 91%

    Achieved the highest user satisfaction rate on account opening survey.

  • 87%

    Achieved the highest satisfaction rate for the initial funding experience.

  • 65%

    Reached the highest product bundling rate, resulting in improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

  • 3 patents

    Filed 3 innovative patents in the field of of Generative AI and Augmented Reality.

Leadership Initiatives

Driving change and excellence

Design Discoveries

I actively utilized Adobe Analytics, Tableau, surveys, and partnered with XDR team to identify experience issues and generate new ideas aligned with business strategies and OKRs.

  • Partnered with business leaders, GPMs, and PMs to shaping business cases that align with our short and long-term vision and objectives.
  • Leveraged design discoveries to allocate up to 30% of capacities for each quarterly release, ensuring a dedicated focus on design enablers.
Design Discovery 3D icon

Accessibility Advocate

Over two years, I hosted weekly accessibility design reviews, collaborated with Inclusive Design SME and leaders, and enhanced our accessibility processes.

  • Collaborated with the Inclusive Design leader to enhance A11y processes throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), identifying and addressing issues in early stages to reduce risks.
  • Developed and provided accessibility checklists and guidelines for content designers and UX designers.
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Design System & Consistency

Maintaining design consistency across a diverse portfolio was a primary focus for our team. In addition to our design system, we expanded a branch for designing, developing, and managing custom components and patterns.

  • Added a new branch and a custom library to match our team's unique needs while ensuring consistency across our line of businesses.
  • Implemented common design elements, like headers, footers, log in, address forms, error pages, and over 25 common components/patterns.
Design System & Consistency 3D icon

XD Performance Metrics

I collaborated with our DesignOps Lead to establish a flexible performance metric framework. By defining high-level modules and allowing directors to customize them for their teams, we ensured alignment with individual and annual goals, enhancing team delivery and accountability.

  • The performance metrics served as a North Star, keeping teams on track with their individual and annual objectives, providing a clear roadmap to success, and helping maintain focus on achieving key milestones.
Design System & Consistency 3D icon

Primary Projects and Deliveries

These projects were a collaborative effort with my talented team of three senior designers and a principal experience designer, where I had the privilege to lead and directly contribute.

  • Retail & Wealth Banking


    Partnered with two senior designers on deposit applications as one of the high-priority and strategic projects to drive impactful enhancements.

    • Proposed quick-win ideas, enhancing user experience and generating substantial revenue with low effort.
    • Redesigned the opening deposit process, with a seamless and efficient experience.
    Deposit photo
  • Contact Center & Branch


    Omni-channel account opening, a cost-effective and innovative initiative, involved contact center and branch applications to a new deposit system. We collaboratively mapped experiences and defined pilot and post-pilot versions with a diverse team of experts from business, tech, risk, and design.

    Omni photo
  • Retail Banking

    Credit Card

    I collaborated with PM and mapped the SunTrust and BBT fields and flows to design a more efficient account opening process for Credit Cards. I optimized flows, reducing errors and elevating the mobile experience

    Credit card photo
  • Retail Banking


    I contributed to the development of four line of credits, including HELOC, Personal Loan, Physician Loan, and Ready Now Loan. Our focus was on data mapping and creating seamless flows during the merger.

    lending photo
  • Retail Banking


    Trade is a brand-new self-directed trading app. I worked with business and tech leaders and service designers to define the MVP and craft the North Star map. Also, I provided support to a senior designer in the design of the account opening process.

    Trade photo


I filled three patents in Generative AI and Augmented Reality for the bank.

Patent photo
Patent photo
Patent photo
Patent photo
3D model of Branch - Designed by Ali Rezajoo

If you're interested in collaborating on a project or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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