• Hello, my name is
    Ali Rezajoo
    I'm a UI/UX Designer,
    with ten years of experience.

Research &

Why? The answer is simple: To help to improve.
I walk through step-by-step approach to collecting, analyzing, and presenting UX metrics. I choose the right metrics for each situation to produce reliable and actionable results without breaking budget.

Interaction Design

“Technology changes rapidly, people and culture change slowly."
Design is successful only if the final product is successful if people buy and use it, so a design that poeple do not interact is a failed design, no matter how great design team might consider it.

Prototyping &

"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings."
It is easier to collect feedback and make changes to a product than when the product is near ready. It saves effort, cost and helps steer the product in the right direction.

A little bit about me...

I was born into a Persian family, studying in Iran and the US, and working from Tehran to Texas & North Carolina with a good understanding of east and west design cultures.
I’m a creative user interface and experience designer who improving digital products base on human-centered design principles with more than ten years of experience at startups and large corporations.

I designed various web/mobile apps such as financial, tax and banking, community & investment centers(Salesforce), event management, business directories, news, and education platforms.

I focus on an Agile design process into business and provide all necessary design documents, including lo-fi to hi-fi prototypes, business rules, technical requirements in functional specifications documents (FSD), and UX guides based on business requirements documents (BRD).